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Black & White Initiative Ghana Announces World Student Parliament Schools Network


Schools in Ghana are being encouraged to take part in an international network to overcome prejudice and promote human rights program.

Recently members from Non- Government Organisation (NGO) Black and White Initiative visited schools in Sunayni in the Brong-Ahafo Region to inspire schools to take part in their programme which uses the internet and social media networks to connect with schools in Germany.

The International School Network – world-student parliament – want to bring students, teachers and schools worldwide,, from different races, religions and backgrounds to get to know each to overcome prejudice.

The common aim is to find solutions to national and global issues in the spirit of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and to contribute to its implementation.

African Network Director Ralph Gyamfi recently visited schools in Sunayni along with a press team and said the outcome was excellent.

“We found the schools were really interested in taking part in this network. It is free for the schools to take part and they will benefit greatly from it, there are opportunities to get donations from schools in Europe, and even an exchange program for the teachers.

“But most importantly in the part, they can play in overcoming prejudice. In Western countries, there are often ignorant and uneducated opinions of life in African countries, sometimes people are surprised to hear we have universities, speak English, drive cars and all those normal things, so we are hoping with this network we can exchange ideas and information, to educate children while they are young and ready to learn, to understand what life is like here.”

The NGO believes connecting students and teachers with citizens of different countries is the best way to overcome human rights abuse, have more power to influence legislation and educate ourselves about life in other countries, and the similar problems we all face.


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